Everything about Money Management

Everything about Money Management

Learn every aspect of personal finance, mutual fund, and the stock market to make an informed financial decision and avoid all financial traps.

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Course Objective

To spread knowledge about money management so that a person can make informed financial decisions and avoid all financial traps.

This package has 3 modules:

Module 1: Personal Finance Foundation

Module 2: Everything about mutual fund 

Module 3: Stock Fundamental Analysis

Module 1 covers every concept of personal finance required for a solid foundation. There are 24 videos including topics like what is insurance, type of insurance, how to select life insurance, how to select medical insurance, what is lifestyle inflation, how to avoid falling for debt trap, how to achieve financial freedom at an early age, how to do income tax planning, how to save maximum income tax, various options of investment in India, etc.

Module 2 covers everything about the mutual fund. It includes 36 videos explaining various concepts like what is a mutual fund, how does it work, key terms in the world of the mutual fund, what is equity mutual fund, what is debt mutual fund, what is active vs passive mutual fund, what is direct vs regular mutual fund, how to invest in a mutual fund, how to select the best mutual fund, mistakes to avoid while investing in the mutual funds, etc.

Module 3 covers everything about stock fundamental analysis. It includes 44 videos covering basic concepts like what is Sensex, what is Nifty, what is IPO, what factors impact the stock price movement, what is GDP, what is inflation, what is a recession, the business model of various sectors like Banks, NBFC, Insurance, Auto, Retail, Pharma, AMC, Infra, etc, key questions to ask before you shortlist a stock, tools to use for stock selection, how to read an annual report like balance sheet, P&L statement and financial statement, important ratios to analyze the growth, profitability, liquidity, and valuation of the company, DSF analysis, mistakes to avoid while investing in the stock market, etc.


  • Free templates for compound interest calculator, income tax calculator, expense tracker, SIP calculator, EMI calculator, etc.
  • Live doubt solving classes.
  • Task/exercise for practical learning.
  • Downloadable PDF for each chapter 
  • Quiz and certification on successful completion.

You can get the chapter level detail by clicking on each module below.

Package Contents

Personal Finance Foundation
Sahil Bhadviya
Stock Fundamental Analysis
Sahil Bhadviya
Everything about Mutual Fund
Sahil Bhadviya

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