Module 1

Personal Finance Foundation

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Instructors: Sahil Bhadviya

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This module has 26 videos covering every aspect of personal finance required for a successful financial journey. This module covers various concepts like the power of compounding, what is insurance, why insurance is important, what are the type of insurance, how to select the best life insurance, how to select the best medical insurance, what is lifestyle inflation, how to make the best use of credit card, what is frugal living, how to achieve financial freedom, basics functions like present value, future value, EMI calculator, various options of investment in India, how to calculate income tax, how to save maximum tax, etc.

Course Curriculum

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Course Introduction
Module 1 Introduction.mp4
Chapter 1: Power of Compounding
Video 1: Power of compounding
Video 2 Exercise: Power of compounding
Chapter 1 PDF: Power of compounding
Chapter 1: Task and Template
Chapter 2: Everything about insurance
Video 1: What is Insurance? How it works? Type of insurance
Video 2: Endowment vs term plan and how to select term plan?
Video 3: How to select medical insurance?
Chapter 2 PDF: Everything about Insurance
Chapter 2: Task and Template
Chapter 3: Lifestyle Inflation
Video 1: Lifestyle inflation & Debt Trap
Video 2: Mystery of Credit card
Video 3: Frugal living and its importance
Video 4: Real vs Nominal Return
Video 5: Emergency fund and its importance
Chapter 3 PDF: Lifestyle Inflation and Debt Trap
Chapter 3: Task and Template
Chapter 4: Framework to achieve Financial Freedom
Video 1: How to achieve financial freedom? - IOIM Framework
Chapter 4 PDF: Financial Freedom
Chapter 4 :Task
Chapter 5: Options of Investment in India
Video 1: Options of investment in India
Video 2: How to invest in Digital Gold?
Video 3: Everything about National Pension Scheme.mp4
Chapter 5: PDF Version
Chapter 5: Task
Chapter 6: Tax Planning
Video 1: How to save income tax in India?
Video 2: How to calculate income tax?
Video 3: Tax saving options under 80c
Video 4: Case Study: Tax on FD vs liquid fund
Video 5: Case Study: 5 lakh vs 5.15 lakh
Chapter 6 PDF: How to save tax in India
Chapter 6: Task and Template
Chapter 7: Calculators
Video 1: How to create an Expense Tracker?
Video 2: FV and PV Function
Video 3: NPV function
Video 4: EMI Calculator
Video 5: Retirement Fund Calculator
Chapter 7: Task and Template
Module 1 Quiz


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