Everything about Mutual Fund

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Instructors: Sahil Bhadviya

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This module would focus on every aspect of mutual funds. The objective is to teach "how mutual fund really works" so that investors can make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. I have covered various topics like the type of mutual fund, how mutual fund work, active vs passive fund, direct vs regular plan, index fund, ETF, taxation on mutual fund, rolling return, how to select the best mutual fund, process to invest in mutual fund, business model of zero brokerage companies, mistakes to avoid while investing in mutual fund, how to select mutual fund as per financial goal and risk appetite, etc.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 Introduction to Mutual Fund
Course Announcement!
Video 1: Why Mutual Fund?
Video 2: What is mutual fund and key terms with example?
Video 3: Types of mutual fund- Part 1
Video 4: Types of mutual fund - Part 2
Video 5: Types of mutual fund - Part 3
Chapter 1: PDF Version
Chapter 2: How does mutual fund works?
Video 1: How mutual fund returns are calculated?
Video 2: Practical example of mutual fund return calculation
Video 3: Options of investment in Mutual Fund
Video 4: Tax Calculation on Mutual Fund
Chapter 2: PDF Version
Chapter 2: Task & Template
Chapter 3: Direct vs Regular Mutual Fund
Video 1: Direct vs Regular Mutual Fund
Video 2: Why direct option NAV is higher than regular option?
Video 3: Dividend vs Growth Option
Chapter 3: PDF Version
Chapter 3: Task & Template
Chapter 4: Active vs Passive Mutual Fund
Video 1: What is an Index and type of Index?
Video 2: What is benchmark and how it is useful?
Video 3: Category Average vs Benchmark
Video 4: Index Fund vs ETF and Tracking error
Video 5: How to create your own Index fund?
Chapter 4: PDF Version
Chapter 4: Task & Template
Chapter 5: How Debt Fund Works?
Video 1: How debt fund works?
Video 2: Example of debt fund and risk vs return
Video 3: How debt funds are rated by Crisil?
Video 4: Franklin Templeton Debt Fund : Rise and Fall
Chapter 5: PDF Version
Chapter 5: Task
Chapter 6: Process to Invest in Mutual Fund
Video 1: Process to invest in Mutual Fund
Video 2: Business model of zero brokerage companies
Chapter 6: PDF Version
Chapter 7: How to select the best Mutual Fund?
Video 1: How to select the best Mutual Fund
Video 2: Mutual Fund ratio calculation
Chapter 7: PDF Version
Chapter 7: Task
Chapter 8: Concept of Rolling Return
Video 1: Rolling Return Concept
Video 2: Rolling Return Calculation: Index Return
Video 3: Rolling Return Calculation: Active Fund vs Benchmark
Chapter 8: Task & Template
Chapter 9: Case Studies
Video 1: Mutual Fund Portfolio Building: Persona Based Approach
Video 2: Portfolio Rebalancing
Video 3: How to become rich with mutual fund investment?
Video 4: Compounding in Mutual Fund
Chapter 9: PDF Version
Chapter 9: Task
Chapter 10: Mistakes to avoid while investing in Mutual Fund
Video 1: Mistakes to avoid in mutual fund
Video 2: SIP Calculators
Chapter 10: PDF Version
Chapter 10: Task & Template


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