Stock Fundamental Analysis

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This module focuses on every aspect of stock fundamental analysis. It covers topics like how the economy works, how it impacts the stock market, basics like what is Sensex and Nifty, what is IPO, what is the stock exchange, stockbroker, Demat account, how to calculate the market cap of the company, important questions to shortlist quality stock, how to read the annual report of the company including P&L statement, balance sheet, and financial statement, how to do the ratio analysis like growth ratio, profitability ratio, leverage ratio, valuation ratio, DSF analysis, tools and resources to do the research, case studies, mistakes to avoid while investing in the stock market, etc.

Course Curriculum

Module 3 Course Introduction
Module 3 Course Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction to the world of stock market
Video 1: Intro to stock market: Story of Money Seller
Video 2: Fear, Hope & Greed cycle
Video 3: Wealth Creators and Wealth Destroyers
Video 4: Trader vs Investor
Chapter 1: PDF Version
Chapter 2: Basics of stock market
Video 1: Basics of Stock Market: Sensex, Nifty, Market Cap, etc.
Video 2: Basics of stock market: IPO, Stock Broker, Depository, etc.
Video 3: Basics of stock market: Face value, book value, stock split, etc.
Chapter 2: PDF Version
Chapter 2: Task
Chapter 3: How economy works? How it impact the share market?
Video 1: Factors that impact Stock Prices: Marco & Micro Environments
Video 2: What is GDP? Inflation, Deflation, Recession & Depression
Chapter 3: PDF Version
Chapter 3: Task
Chapter 4: Fundamental Analysis Basics
Video 1: Key Question for Fundamental Analysis
Video 2: Brands and their Parents
Video 3: Case Study: HUL vs Patanjali
Chapter 4: PDF Version
Chapter 4: Task
Chapter 5: Business Models
Video 1: Business model of Bank, NBFC and Insurance
Video 2: Business Model of FMCG and Pharma
Video 3: Business Model of Infra, Power Oil & Gas
Video 4: Business Model of Telecom and IT
Video 5: Business Model of Automobile and Retail
Video 6: Business Model of AMC and Discount broker
Chapter 5: PDF Business Model of Various Sectors in India
Chapter 6: Reading the annual report
Video 1: Reading the Annual Report - Qualitative analysis
Video 2: Reading the P&L Statement
Video 3: Reading the Balance Sheet
Video 4: Relation between P&L and Balance Sheet
Video 5: Reading the Cash Flow Statement
Chapter 6 PDF : Reading the Financial statement
Chapter 6 PDF: Task
Chapter 7: Ratio Analysis
Video 1: Ratio analysis Overview and Growth ratio
Video 2: Profitability Ratio
Video 3: Leverage ratio
Video 4: Management Efficiency Ratio
Video 5: Valuation Ratio
Chapter 7 PDF: Ratio Analysis
Chapter 7: Task
Chapter 8: Intrinsic Value Calculation
Video 1: DCF Method Intrinsic Value
Chapter 8: Task & Template
Chapter 9 Tools & Resource for Financial Analysis
Video 1: How to create live stock watchlist Google sheet?
Video 2: How to shortlist quality stocks with Screener tool?
Video 3: How to analyze indices and stocks with Bloomberg quint?
Video 4: How to get insights from nseindia website?
Video 5: How to get insights from Moneycontrol website?
Video 6: Virtual trading at Moneybhai
Chapter 9: Task and Template
Chapter 10: Case Studies & Banking Sector Analysis
Video 1: How to analyze banking stock?
Video 2: Case Study on Titan
Video 3: Case Study on Asian Paints
Video 4: Case Study on Eicher Motor
Video 4: 2008 Recession US Housing Bubble
Video 5: Dot Com Bubble 2000
Chapter 10 PDF: Case Studies
Chapter 11: Basics of Technical Analysis
Video 1: Basics of Technical Analysis
Chapter 11 PDF: Basics of technical analysis
Chapter 12: Best Books on Investing
Video 1: Best Books on Investment
Video 2: Investment Lessons from Warren Buffett
Chapter 12 PDF: Best books on investing
Live Doubt Solving Session
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