Weekly Video on Market Analysis & Investment Strategy

Weekly Video on Market Analysis & Investment Strategy

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Instructors: Sahil Bhadviya

Validity Period: 365 days

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As a part of investment services, I have launched an exclusive video per week series where:

- I will share the list of stocks I have invested in and my investment strategy.

- I will also discuss the various factors that would impact a particular sector and key companies that could benefit from it.

For example, government initiatives like the PLI scheme would benefit a lot of sectors in the manufacturing area then trends like China plus one has created huge opportunities in the chemical sector.

- So I would discuss all the major events in the stock market every week along with my strategy on the same.

- But it would be only helpful for long-term investors and not for traders.

The major idea is to help investors understand what factors really impact the stock price movement in the real world and how you can plan your strategy to create wealth in the long term.

Note: This is a yearly plan. Hence, valid for 365 days.

Course Curriculum

Video 1: 8th August 2021 - Sahil's stock portfolio & investment strategy!
Video 2: 15th August 21 Why mid cap and large crashed last week? Top 3 hot sectors for next 5-10 years
Video 3: 22nd August 21 - 3 small cap undervalued stocks where I am investing
Video 4: 29th August 21 - Top Technology Stocks in India
Video 5: 5th Sep 2021 - Investment strategy in overvalued market | Top stocks where I am investing!
Video 6: 12th Sep 2021 - Stocks to benefit from PLI Scheme of Rs 10,683 Cr in Textile sector
Video 7: 19th Sep 2021 - Is it the start of bull run for ITC? | Update on Govt relief package to telecom sector
VIdeo 8: 26th Sep 2021 - Can KPIT Technology generate MULTIBAGGER returns due to ELECTRIC VEHICLE revolution?
Video 9: Can this renewable energy stock generate multibagger returns? China energy crisis explained | Stocks where I have invested last week
Video 10 - 2 undervalued Auto Stocks for investment
Video 11- Potential Smallcap Multibagger recently added by one of top investor!
Video 12 - This smallcap technology stock is growing fast!
Video 13 - Why the stock market is falling? How to invest in falling market?
Video 14 : Smallcap multibagger stock that endorses 5 celebrities
Video 15: $1.2 Billion foreign money would flow into these 9 stocks soon!
Video 16: How to identify the right stock in a stagnant market!
Video 17: Can this market correction give a lifetime opportunity to create wealth?
Video 18 An underrated auto ancillary company with consistent compounding!
Video 19: This Chemical Company will benefit from the EV revolution in India
Video 20: 18th Dec 21 - A smallcap IT company with bright growth prospects!
Video 21: 25th Dec 2021 - 3 Sectors I am bullish to invest in 2022
Video 22: 1st Jan 2022 - A smallcap gem from gold & diamond sector!
Video 23: 9th Jan 2022 -A smallcap Leader in 5G and Digital revolution!
Video 24 : 16th Jan 2022- Recording of Live session
Video 25: 22nd jan 2022 - Q3 Results! What to buy, hold or sell?
Video 26 : 29th Jan 2022 : Stocks I am buying in the falling market!
Video 27 : 5th Feb 2022 : Stocks with 35% upside from top brokerage houses!
Video 28: 12th Feb 2022 : Is there a shift from growth to value investing?
Video 29: 19th Feb 2022: Microcap stock that is a leader in Plastic Packaging!
Video 30 26th Feb 2022: Russia- Ukraine War | Stocks I am buying on dips!
Video 31: 5th March 2022 : Fall of 2 Market Giants! Opportunity to Buy?
Video 32: 13th March: 3 sectors and top stocks I am bullish for next 5-8 years
Video 33: 19th Mar 2022: 3 green energy stocks for wealth creation!
VIdeo 34: 27 Mar 2022: Fundamental Analysis of 120+ Year Old Healthcare Company!
Video 35: 2nd April 2022 -> 10 Stocks that crashed upto 60% before generating multibagger returns!
Video 36: 10th April 2022 -> This smallcap logistic company has multibagger return potential!
Video 37: 16th April 2022 -> Fundamental Analysis of smallcap stock added by Saurabh Mukherjea in little champs portfolio!
Video 38: 23rd April 2022 : Q4 results: Stocks to buy now! Why IT stocks are falling?
Video 39: 30th April 2022: Q4 Result Update: Stocks I am buying now in falling market!
Video 40: 7th May 2022: Top 20 Stocks in my Portfolio -After huge correction!
Video 41: 14th May 2022: Nifty below 16,000! Quality stocks I am accumulating in this CRASH!
Video 42: 21st May 2022: India's Growth Journey - A hype?
Video 43: 28th May 2022: Fundamental Analysis of Bluechip leader down 35% from its peak! Time to add?
Video 44: 4th June 2022 : This Specialty Chemical Company to benefit from EV and Green Energy Trend!
Video 45: 11th June 2022: Smallcap Technology company with multibagger return potential!
Video 46: 18th June 2022: How to invest Rs 10 lakh in current market crash?
Video 47: 25th June 2022: Fundamental analysis of smallcap multibagger technology stock!
Video 48 : 3rd July 2022 : Superstar portfolio Analysis! Where are superstar investors investing their money?
Superstar portfolio excel file
Video 49: 9th July 2022 : Sensex jumped 1700 points! Is this rally sustainable?
Video 50 :17th July 2022: Should you exit stock market and re-enter later?
Vd: 51 - 23rd July 22: Quarterly result analysis: Hit or miss? Reliance, Polycab, Federal Bank, Persistent system, etc.
Vd 52 - Nifty over 17,000! Is the bear market over and start of new bull run?
Stocks where DIIs consistently increasing stake since 8 quarters
Vd 53 - Top stocks DIIs are consistently buying in last 8 quarters!
Vd 54 - Key lessons from stock market in last 1 year!
Vd 55 - Top 20 stock holding of my portfolio!
Vd 56 - Top stocks to buy in current market condition!
Vd 57 - 3rd Sep'22 - 10 US stocks to buy on dip!
Weekly Video.Vd 58 - 10 Sep'22 - Top chemical stocks in my portfolio - Part 1 !
Vd 59 - 17 Sep'22 - Top chemical stocks in my portfolio - Part 2
Vd 60 - 24 Sep'22 0 2 smallcap technology leaders worth buying now!
Vd 61 - 1st Oct'22 - Smallcap chemical stock with multibagger return potential!
Vd 62 - 8th Oct'22 - Top stocks in manufacturing sector!
Vd 63 - 15 OCt'22 - My stock portfolio breakup with top stocks in each sector | Q2 results Update
Vd 64 - 21st Oct'22 : Top Q2 result analysis - Part 1
Vd 64 - 23rd Oct'22 Top Q2 Results - Part 2
Vd 65 - 29th Oct'22 : Q2 result review - Mapmyindia, Tata Chemical, Tata Power, Sona comstar, sumitomo chemcial, etc.
Vd 66 - 5th Nov'22 : 2 Potential Smallcap Multibaggers I have added in my portfolio!
Vd 67 - 12th Nov'22 - Part 1: Where will be Nifty in next 1 year + Quarterly results
Vd 67 - 12th Nov'22 - Part 2: Important quarterly results!
Vd 68 - 19th Nov'22 - Technology company at PE below 10 ! Stock fundamental Analysis
Vd 69 - 26th Nov'22 - 5 undervalued stocks I am added last week!
Vd 70 - 3rd Dec'22 - Where to invest Rs 10 lakh in stock market? Review + My portfolio
Vd 71 - 10th Dec'22 - When will the next bull run start?
Vd 72 - 17th Dec'22 - Can Nifty touch 15,000 levels in near term? 4 midcap stocks to consider accumulating!
Vd 73 - 24 Dec'22 - Investment strategy in current market crash | Which stocks to add?
Vd 74 - 31st Dec'22 - Top stocks for investment in 2023
Vd 75 - 7 Jan'23 - Stocks upgraded from smallcap to midcap and midcap to largecap!
Vd 76 - 14 Jan'23 - IT Results + Smallcap stock to benefit from Govt Green Hydrogen Mission!
Vd 77-21 Jan'23 Q3 Results: Stocks that can generate high returns in 2023!
Vd 78-28th Jan'23: Stock market crash! Opportunity or trap? Top Q3 result performers of the week!
Vd 79 - 4th Feb'23 : Latest Q3 results: Where to invest? What to do with Pharma stocks?
Vd 80 - 11th Feb'23: Chemical companies Q3 results! Buy sell or hold?
Vd 81 - 18th Feb'23: Sectorwise review of Q3 result! Which stocks can outperform in near term?
Vd 82 - 25th Feb'23 - Why every DII is adding this smallcap textile stock? Stock fundamental analysis
Vd 83 - 4th Mar'23 - 7 Undervalued stocks I'm adding in my portfolio!
Vd 84- 11th Mar'23 - McKinsey report analysis: India is the next Chemical Manufacturing Hub!
Vd 85 - 18th Mar'23 : Top 4 stocks I have accumulated last week!
Vd 86 - 25th Mar'23 - Good time to accumulate IT and Banking sector?
Vd 87 - 1st Apr'23 - Indian Defense - The next multibagger sector : Top 8 defense stocks!
Vd 88- 8th Apr'23: Top stocks with BEST promoter pedigree!
Vd 89 - 15th Apr'23: Q4 result Update! Top stocks to buy in current market!
Vd 90 - 21 Apr'23 : Sahil's stock portfolio review!
Vd 91 - Q4 Results - Which stocks have outperformed and underperformed? Where to invest money?
Vd 92- Q4 Result Analysis: Sona BLW, Federal Bank, IDFC First, RBL bank, Tata Chemical, Tata Power, Newgen software, etc.
Vd 93: Top stocks I am adding after Q4 Results!
Vd 94: Q4 results - Which stocks can make money for investors in short term?
Vd 95 - 27th May'23 - Top stocks to consider buying post Q4 results!
Vd 96 - 3rd June'23 My top conviction high growth bet !
Vd 97 - 10th June;23 - Sahil's Latest Portfolio review and investment strategy
Vd 98 - 17th June'23 - Microcap stock I have added in my portfolio!
Vd 99 - 24th Jun'23 - NBFC Sector ready for multi year bull run ? Top multibagger stocks from NFBC Sector
Vd 100 - 1st July'23 - Stocks with massive growth potential in near term!
Vd 101 - 8th July'23 - How to identify wealth creator and destroyers within few seconds | Q1 Banking Updates
Vd 102 - 15th July'23 - My Latest Portfolio review and new stocks I have added recently!
Vd 103 - 22nd July'23 - My strategy on IT sector stocks post Q1 result
Vd 104 - 29th July'23 - My investment strategy post Q1 results on: Laurus lab, IEX, Sona BLW, Praj, Equitas, Jubilant food, Route Mobile, etc.
Vd 105 - 6 Smallcap stocks I have accumulated last week!
Vd 106 - 12th Aug'23 - Latest Q1 Results - Stocks worth accumulating now!
Vd 107 - 19th Aug'23 - My top conviction stocks for long term wealth creation!
Vd 108 - 26th Aug'23 - New stocks I’ve added with multibagger return potential!
Vd 109 - 2nd Sep'23 - Top smallcap stocks with good return potential in 1-2 years
Vd 110 - 9th Sep'23 - My investment strategy when Stock market @ All Time High !
Vd 111- 16th Sep'23 - My latest portfolio breakup across market cap and sector!
Weekly Video 112Vd 112- 23rd Sep'23 - Huge breakout in PSU banks - Which PSU banks are looking promising?

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