Sahil Bhadviya (MBA-TAPMI, BE)

Sahil is an Ex-Data Analytics consultant with 6+ years of IT experience. After spending the last 2 years in London, he left his well-paid job with a vision to spread financial literacy among millions of people in India. 

It all started when he started earning money and needed someone to guide him with managing his money. Unfortunately, he couldn't find anyone. Even the most qualified people lacked knowledge about personal finance. So he started his own research. In the journey, he realized that millions of people in India are fooled every day. The major reason is lack of knowledge about money management. Unfortunately, financial literacy is not a part of the school curriculum in India. Hence, he has taken this initiative to spread financial knowledge so that people can make an informed decision about their money and can achieve their financial goals without falling into any trap.

He says, "when people work so hard to earn money, don't they need to learn how to manage the money?". Sahil's biggest strength is explaining personal finance in the simplest language which even a layman can understand.

We hope to have you enrolled in this course and achieve your financial goals at an early age and live a financially comfortable life.

Meet our amazing team.

Zenith Jain (Research Analyst)

Zenith is passionate about finance and investment. After finishing his MBA, he has joined the team as a financial research analyst. He helps Sahil in keeping a track of key economic events and identifying key sectors and stocks with multibagger potential.

Shaily Mehta / (Business Development)

Shaily is multitalented and likes to keep learning new stuff. She helps in prioritizing work and coordinating with various stakeholders along with helping in research and creative design.

Nikhil Joshi/ (Video Editor)

Nikhil is passionate about video editing and 3D animation. He has a creative mindset and gifted with the ability to imagine things in a creative way.

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